Our story

May 2011: Vision
An empowered civil society composed of caring and committed citizens that put their time, skills, talent and resources to use for social good.

May 2012: Research
Curaçao Cares founders visit Handson Network European conference to meet with U.S representatives as well as Nederland Cares and other European affiliates.

19 October 2012: Mission
Curaçao Cares is officially established as a foundation. Mission: to inspire and mobilize individuals to seek active citizenship through engagement in meaningful community projects.

February 2013: International affiliation to Handson Network
The Points of Light institute officially welcomes Curaçao Cares as an affiliate. With official member status, Curaçao Cares gains access to a wealth of resources and knowledge on volunteer and project management around the globe.

26 June 2013: Official Launch Curaçao Cares
Curaçao Cares launches in the company of several community partners and corporate partners during its first Curacao Cares Café, a night of community conversation.

Dec 2013: First accomplishments
Within the first 6 months, Curaçao Cares platform reaches 180 volunteer members, and the organization mobilizes and manages over 2000 volunteers in different projects.

March 21st & 22nd 2014: Curaçao's largest volunteer effort!
In partnership with Het OranjeFonds, Curaçao Cares organizes CURA DOET, Curaçao largest volunteer event for the first time. 108 organizations participate and complete a total of 132 activities with the help of more than 2600 volunteers.

June 15th 2014: Knowledge
Curaçao Cares attends the first Points of Light Conference on Volunteering and Service in Atlanta, Georgia. The conference was a great opportunity to learn best practices and to network with representatives of volunteer action centers, NGO's and companies from all over the world.

June 26th 2014: Milestone
Curaçao Cares celebrates 1-year anniversary in the company of volunteers.

August 2014: Growth
Launching new pilot projects for elderly and reading with children.

September 2014: Awareness
Curaçao Cares co-organizes the 2nd edition of Curaçao Clean Up! Over 2500 volunteers roll up their sleeves at over 40 locations to clean up their neighborhoods, public areas and beaches.

December 5th 2014: Recognition
In connection with International Volunteer Day, Curaçao Cares puts 'Star Volunteers' and the organizations that engage them in the spotlight. Two honorable mentions and 3 Star Volunteers receive the ultimate recognition.


“ Never doubt that a group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”
– Margaret Meade

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