Mentoring at Stichting Equine


Minimum of 4 hours per week



Stichting Equine
Kaminda San Sebastian 9a


S.P.W. diploma & Fluent in Dutch and Papiamentu conversation - Prior work experience with children

Contact person:

Petra Wijsteker - 5144144

Stichting Equine Curaçao is looking for a few enthusiastic and positive mentors. Someone who would love to guide and help the youth explore their values, interests and goals. As a mentor you will find yourself making a difference and having a positive effect on their lives.

Being a mentor enables the kids to:
• Have fun
• Achieve personal growth, learn more about themselves
• Improve their self-esteem, make them feel they are making a difference
• Gain a better understanding of other cultures and develop a greater appreciation for diversity
• Feel more productive and have a better attitude at school

Mentoring is a shared opportunity for learning and growth. Sign up now to make a difference in a chils's life.






Stichting Equine Curaçao ta buskando algun mentor entusiasmá i positivo. Un persona ku lo tin gana di guia i yuda e mucha nan di Equine eksplorá nan balornan, interes I meta nan den bida. Komo mentor lo bo por hasi un impakto positivo den nan bida.

Komo mentor bo ta aportá na e muchanan pa:
• Gosa
• Realisá meta nan personal, siña mas di nan mes
• Mehorá nan balor propio I sinti ku nan por hasi un diferensia
• Komprondé nos kultura mihó I desaroyá un mihó apresio pa diversidat
• Sinti nan mes mas produktivo I tin un mihó aktitut na skol

Ku e programa di mentor bo ta haña e oportunidat di siña i krese komo persona i kompartí esaki ku un mucha. Inskribí awor pa yuda hasi un diferensia den bida di un hoben.



Nos ta un tim chikí ku ta dediká na guia nos mucha pa di e forma aki duna nan speransa den un mihó futuro. Komo nos mes tin nos man nan yen ku e mucha nan nos ta buskando un boluntario ku lo ke asistí nos un bia pa siman ku algun tarea atministrativo.


Aktividat nan

  • Kontrolá, numerá i buk tur faktura i pago nan kèsh

  • Prosesá transakshon nan di banko

  • Duna sosten pa ku rapòrt anual

  • Otro aktividat nan atministrativo



  • louiszandra


Stichting Equine

  • Stichting Equine Curaçao offers guidance to our community's less fortunate children and also to youth with emotional and behavioral challenges. Most of the children are carefull in trusting adults, and may be unwilling to trust anyone at all. But with the help of the equine therapy, art, music, social skills training and sport activities we want to give them hope for a brighter future. 




    MBO- level administration

    Relevant work experience

    Knowledge of MS Office



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