Community Partners

As an NGO, you are on the frontline of community development. Through your efforts, hundreds of people are able to make it through the day. But while you are busy helping others..who is helping your organization? There might be individuals or companies surrounding you that would be determined to help your cause if they were aware of the possibilities.

Non-profits, social organizations and public institutions can provide compelling opportunities for individuals in the community to discover their power to make a difference. As a community partner, you can empower individuals to get connected to others in their community, while also effectively utilizing the talents of people to complement limited budgets and scarce resources.


Working with volunteers

  • Volunteers cannot replace paid staff, but they can ease the workload and possibly enhance the services provided.
  • Volunteers can give dedicated attention to specific groups, issues or projects.
  • Volunteers come from all walks of life, and can share fresh perspectives and their experiences with your staff and clients.
  • Involving volunteers from a variety of backgrounds means creating new ambassadors for your work.
  • Volunteers bring their expertise, knowledge and talents, but also their social networks!
  • Volunteers that choose to work with you directly believe in your mission, take ownership and can advocate later on your behalf.

Curaçao Cares wants to join forces with you to develop and support your volunteer projects, so that you can take better advantage of the opportunities that exist; getting more done, with less cost.

A few Community Partners


Join us as a community partner


Working together

Community Partners that need volunteer assistance to fulfill their mission can team up with Curaçao Cares.

What we can offer: 

  • Assistance with planning volunteer opportunities
  • Promotion of your volunteer opportunity within our database and with our partners
  • Referral and communication with potential volunteers
  • Increased visibility of your organization through our website and social media
  • Possibility of partnering with employee volunteer groups or corporate partners
  • Networking opportunities
  • Training and Support for volunteer and project management practices

It is together that we can do so much!

Building on each other's strengths

Curaçao Cares will work with you to ensure that together we can engage the community in projects that are well organized, 

What to consider:

  • Application and Agreement: Fill in your organization's details here so we can have all your updated information. We'll also share a partnership agreement so you know how we work and what to expect.
  • Preparation: A project must be well thought out and organized, and there must be clear expectations for volunteers, agency, staff and clients.
  • Staffing: Identify a staff contact person who will stay in touch with us. A staff member or volunteer leader must be present during all projects, to provide guidance and any necessary training.
  • Support: Take some time to introduce volunteers to your organization, your goals and your work. Be prepared to provide instructions, trainings and coaching when needed.
    There are limitations to what we can do as an organization and what volunteers can do. We'll establish beforehand what we as partners can accomplish together.
  • Evaluation: Periodically we will evaluate volunteer management and program implementation, so that we can continue improving volunteer opportunities. 

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