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  • Your Impact

    Volunteering is a direct way of positively impacting your community while also contributing to your own personal development. Not only can a few hours make a difference to the people around you, it can provide you with the wonderful opportunity to develop new skills, build on existing experience and meet new people. Regardless of your motivation, volunteering is rewarding in every way!

Many ways to get involved
many chances to make a difference


Get started:

Encourage reading comprehension by becoming a reading buddy.

  Share financial management and other skills to non-profit professionals.

Assist elderly with navigating the web and using computers.

Help maintain  our public and community spaces, such as parks, schools, and beaches.

Now you can fit small acts with big impacts into your schedule

Why get involved? Because change begins with you!

  I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; and because I cannot do everything,
I should not refuse to do the something that I can do.

– Edmund Everett Hale

Getting involved

Our goal is to eliminate the statement “I want to give back to my community but I do not know where to start.”

“We are here to help you get ready, get set, get involved!”

Search through the volunteer opportunities. If you cannot find anything that suits you, contact us and we'll explore the opportunities together.

Sign up in 3 steps:

1Create a Care account for yourself.

Fill in all the important details and tell us a bit more about yourself.

2Go to find volunteer opportunities.
Browse through all opportunities and read more about the type of task, organization and how you can contribute. Sign up to be the difference! Volunteers must be logged in to sign up.

3If it is your first time volunteering, read through our orientation booklet and sign-up for one of our orientation sessions.
Please note: if you are volunteering for the first time, you must attend orientation first!

Stay connected by subscribing to our newsletter and visit us often to stay updated!

Already a volunteer?

Share abundantly with others on social media and create awareness of the opportunities that exist.


Invite your friends or family to volunteer with you. Sharing is caring!


Tell us what you think! Fill in our digital evaluation so we can know more about your experience 

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Step Up: become a volunteer leader and gain new leadership skills.

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Commit as you can!

 Join our:

One-time Projects – Many of our projects are ongoing and require no commitment; simply volunteer as often as you can.

Short-term Commitment – Some volunteer projects require a weekly or monthly commitment for a specific time period. (no longer than 6 months).

Volunteer as a Group – multiply the impact! Come one, come all. Contact us for specific opportunities.

Get inspired

Become part of a global network of people at the center of change!

Curaçao Cares is a member of HandsOn Network, a Points of Light Affiliate. Since its start, HandsOn Network has succeeded in facilitating the establishment of volunteer management organizations in other cities across the US, and globally, in countries such as Canada, Japan, China, Colombia, Panama, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Italy and the Netherlands among others. It is currently the largest international network comprised of 250 volunteer action centers that extend to 20 countries around the world.

These centers help people find and engage in volunteer opportunities in their local communities. They focus on innovative approaches to leveraging individual and corporate time and talent to solve community challenges.

Visit Handson Network to get familiar with the mission of the network and to find more information on other affiliate action centers.

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