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"Curaçao Cares", is non-profit organization established in October 2012, with as mission to mobilize individuals to seek active citizenship through flexible engagement in meaningful service projects, to increase corporate social engagement of corporations and their employees, and to create and manage volunteer projects in partnership with non-profit, social organizations and corporations in an effort to bring about social change. Curaçao Cares is located at Santa Rosaweg 17, Willemstad, Curaçao.

Article 1 Definitions

"Corporate Partner": Corporation that agrees to make a financial contribution to fund Curaçao Cares projects and expenses in return for customized social "projects".
"Community Partner": Verifiable non-profit or social organization, which will create and operate volunteer projects in partnership with Curaçao Cares for the benefit and realization of their mission.
"Projects": Customized corporate projects or yearlong social projects developed for and in cooperation with "Corporate partners" and "Community partners."
"The Website": Online platform connecting (corporate) "volunteers" with flexible volunteer projects of Community Partners.
"Volunteers": natural persons that have registered through "the website" of Curaçao Cares or employees of Corporate Partners for whom Curaçao Cares has organized projects.

Article 2 Applicability

These general terms and conditions are applicable to all volunteer projects and corporate projects that Volunteers and Corporate Partners perform through the intermediary services of Curaçao Cares for the benefit of Community Partners, as well as to the relationship between Curaçao Cares and the Community Partner. All other terms and conditions stipulated by Corporate Partners, Volunteers and Community Partners are hereby explicitly excluded.

Article 3 Projects

  1. Projects are offered either (i) as a customized package to Companies, or (ii) through the calendar on the Curaçao Cares Website.
  2. Curaçao Cares seeks to foster understanding and facilitate exchanges between citizens from all walks of life, in order to cultivate in the long run a greater social cohesion. Our projects are specifically designed to facilitate interaction and are therefore aligned with specific issue areas or needs of target groups.
  3. Curaçao Cares asks that volunteers observe the principles of good behavior and serve to the best of their abilities in a respectful, professional, and cooperative manner while on a Project. Awareness of the mission and values of Curaçao Cares in general is paramount.
  4. Curaçao Cares reserves all rights to exclude Volunteers and Corporate Partners from participating in any Projects if in violation of article 4.2, and reserves its rights to recover all damages pursuant to such violation by the Corporate Partner or Volunteer.

Article 4 Volunteers

  1. Registration: All volunteers must view the orientation presentation for new volunteers in order to sign up for Curaçao Cares' monthly Calendar Projects.
 Volunteers must sign up for Projects using Curaçao Cares' Website, or by contacting Curaçao Cares in advance of the scheduled Project.
 Volunteers cannot bring guests on a Project without prior approval.
  2. Expectations: Volunteers need to perform the activities during projects as described in the calendar or Web site and as send in the instructions email. Volunteers should arrive on time for the Project and stay for the duration of the Project, including any time necessary for clean up. Volunteers must never be alone with a client or wander away from the group.
 Volunteers must maintain the confidentiality of all confidential, personal, or proprietary information to which they are exposed as a volunteer, regardless of the subject matter of such confidential information. This includes, but is not limited to, the names, locations, or images of clients they encounter through their work with Curaçao Cares. Volunteers may not use their participation in Curaçao Cares projects to promote partisan politics, religious matters, or other affiliations outside of Curaçao Cares.
 Volunteers must not engage in the following:
 Discriminatory or racist statements or behaviors, sexual harassment, the display of any unlawful or inappropriate activity.
 Volunteers may not use any alcohol or illegal drugs. Volunteers shall not interact with any client outside of a Project on behalf of Curaçao Cares.
  3. Expenses: Curaçao Cares does not reimburse expenses or travel costs or any other expenses incurred by the Volunteer.
  4. Cancellation: If volunteers need to cancel their participation in a scheduled project, they must contact Curaçao Cares by telephone or email immediately, or at least 48 hours before the start of the project. Failure to properly de-register two or more times in six months may result in account deactivation.

Article 5 Corporate Partners

  1. Project Proposal: Curaçao Cares will design and implement customized corporate volunteering projects after approval from corporate partner.
  2. Agreement: Curaçao Cares will work with corporate partners to determine project deliverables and to design projects. Curaçao Cares will commence arrangements for project implementation only after project management agreement has been approved and signed by both parties.
  3. Expenses. Corporate partner must pay the out of pocket expenses and organizational expenses in advance of the scheduled project. Payment terms for the expenses of the project will be clearly stated in the project management agreement.
  4. Cancellation. Cancellation is possible up to three weeks before the initiation of the project. In case of cancellation, all costs incurred by Curaçao Cares will be charged to the Company.

Article 6 Community Partners

  1. Project request: Community Partners can contact Curaçao Cares and fill in a project request proposal, which will be reviewed by Curaçao Cares prior to commencing a partnership.
  2. Project implementation: Community partners will make all necessary efforts to ensure that the project takes place. Community Partner indemnify Curaçao Cares for claims of Volunteers, Companies and third parties resulting from the non-occurrence of a registered Project at the request of community partner.
  3. Volunteer participation: Curaçao Cares will make an effort to recruit agreed number of volunteers to fulfill the project. However, Curaçao Cares does not guarantee that it will be able to fill all projects at all times.
  4. Liability: Curaçao Cares excludes all liability for direct and consequential damages before, during and after the project. Community partners indemnifies and holds Curaçao Cares, its employees, directors, officers, advisory bodies, auxiliary persons and representatives harmless from and against any claims for damages, including liability towards third parties who claim to have suffered damages in relation to the intermediary services of Curaçao Cares.
  5. Volunteer treatment: Community Partners will treat the Volunteers and Companies respectfully and decently. Community Partners indemnifies Curaçao Cares for claims of third parties (including Volunteers and Corporate partners) relating to or arising from the actions of the community partner in violation of this provision.
  6. Complaints: If the project is performed unsatisfactory or in case of other complaints, Community partners shall first contact Curaçao Cares in order to find a suitable solution. Community Partners refrains from taking any action and/or making statement, which may harm Curaçao Cares.

Article 7 Liability

  1. Participation in a project is one's own risk and account. Curaçao Cares merely acts as an intermediary between Corporate Partners and Volunteers on the one hand and Community Partners on the other hand and Curaçao Cares, her employees, directors, officers, advisory bodies, auxiliary persons and representatives are not liable for any form of damages, accidents, physical injury, loss or theft of property or any other form of damage, before, during or after the project, irrespective of the cause. That includes damages caused by third party properties and/or information provided by third parties.
  2. Curaçao Cares exercises the utmost care in providing accurate information relating to a project. However, it may occur that the information provided, for whatever reason, does not correspond with the planned project, changes with respect to the content of the project or location and time may occur, or a project may be unexpectedly canceled. Curaçao Cares excludes any and all liability with respect to any incorrect information given.
  3. Curaçao Cares is also not liable when a project does not take place or is amended due to events beyond our control, such as bad weather conditions, illness or unforeseen circumstances concerning Community Partner. In the event of such circumstances, Curaçao Cares will, if possible, try to organize an alternative project. Curaçao Cares is not liable for errors on the Website or the (temporarily) unavailability of the Website, including other websites to which the Website refers.

Article 5 Intellectual Property

All Intellectual Property Rights (including, without limitation, all database rights, rights in designs, including content, composition and structure of the Website, rights in know-how, and all other intellectual rights in any jurisdiction) in any information, including photographs, illustrations, graphic design, digital programs, files and all other information, content, materials, data or processes, contained in or to this website belong to its licensed source. Curaçao Cares or its licensors reserve all (intellectual property) rights. These general terms and conditions do not entail, nor shall it be read or interpreted as a transfer of the legal ownership of intellectual property rights of Curaçao Cares or its licensors. The information included on the Website is intended to illustrate the volunteer projects managed by Curaçao Cares and to enable registration for such projects. Use of the Website is only allowed for such purposes. It is not allowed to copy, reproduce, exploit, transfer, obliterate, remove or use information for own commercial purposes, unless negotiated in a separate agreement.

Article 6 Privacy

  1. Registration: Curaçao Cares is committed to preserving the privacy of its volunteers and visitors of the Web site. The registration form requires volunteers and visitors to provide certain contact information. Curaçao Cares treats all such personal data with due care and in accordance with local Data Protection Acts. This information will be used to track participation in volunteer projects and to communicate with Curaçao Cares' volunteers and visitors about Curaçao Cares' projects and opportunities. Curaçao Cares does not use any personal data for purposes other than in relation to the projects and for the distribution of the newsletter, unless otherwise permitted. Curaçao Cares shall in most cases only provide the names of participants to Community partners in relation to a project.
  2. Google Analytics: Curaçao Cares makes use of Google Analytics. Curaçao Cares uses Google Analytics to register the use of the Website and to analyze the effectiveness of the use of AdWords-adds on Google search result pages. The said obtained information, including the address of your computer (IP-address), will be transferred to and stored by Google on servers in the United States. We advise to read Google's privacy policy for more information as well as the specific privacy policy of Google Analytics. Google can provide third parties with this information if Google is legally obliged to do so, or to the extent this third party processes the information on behalf of Google. We exercise no influence over this process.
  3. Other websites: Links to other Web sites are provided by Curaçao Cares as a convenience to its users, and links to other websites do not imply an endorsement of the materials disseminated at those websites. Curaçao Cares is not responsible for the materials contained at any Web site linked to this site.

Article 7 Applicable law and disputes

All agreements entered into with Curaçao Cares are governed by these general terms and conditions and are subjected to the laws of Curaçao. Any disputes arising from such agreements will be exclusively submitted to a competent Dutch court.

Article 8 Alterations

Curaçao Cares has the right to change or alter these general terms and conditions at any time. The altered terms and conditions will be published on the Website. We therefore recommend volunteers and visitors to read through the general terms and conditions on the Website regularly, and in any event, when registering for a new project.

Curaçao Cares Foundation 2013

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